​Active Directory Integration

Elevate HR® Active Directory Integration module automates the process of managing system access for your entire organization. The employee lifecycle extends well beyond the actions of “hire” and “retire.” You need to provide new employees with appropriate access to your company’s network, computer systems, and communications resources. Elevate HR Solutions for AX Active Directory Integration Upon termination, you need to ensure that employees have their access disabled. Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) manages system access for your entire organization; Elevate HR’s Active Directory Integration automates the process.

Configure status- and date-based parameters so that hiring a worker in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations triggers the creation and activation of their AD user account. Plus, automatically enable their Dynamics 365 for Operations security for both client and self-service access. 

At the end of an employee’s time with your company, let Dynamics 365 manage Active Directory for you. Terminate an employee in Dynamics 365, and automatically deactivate Active Directory user accounts and access to all systems.


    • Automate access to (and deactivation from) all systems, enterprise-wide, through Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations integration with Active Directory
    • Utilize Elevate HR’s exclusive Wizard technology to initiate the onboarding and termination process, OR use AD/D365 Integration as a standalone tool
    • Ensure you always have a current reports-to structure in AD by syncing the D365 position-based hierarchy
    • Configure 2-way synchronization between Dynamics 365 and Active Directory for bidirectional flow of information
    • Enable AD account options such as Kerberos DES encryption types, smart card interactive logins, sensitive accounts, etc.
    • Set up rule-based usernames for Dynamics 365 and Active Directory (e.g. [First Initial][.][Last Name])
    • Trigger updates to Active Directory as an employee’s status changes in Dynamics 365 (e.g. from applicant to employed, on-leave, terminated, etc.)

Download the Active Directory Integration for Dynamics 365 Fact Sheet
Download the Active Directory Integration for Dynamics AX 2012  Fact Sheet

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