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Elevate HR’s software solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your Enterprise Resource Planning platform, expedite administrative processes, and add specialized depth to the breadth of Microsoft’s native enterprise product suite with best-in-class HR & Payroll solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Built on Elevate HR IP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources fosters a people-first empowerment culture. Optimize your people management processes with intuitive Self-Service dashboards, detailed Workforce Insights & Analytics, advanced Benefits and Compensation Management, powerful Performance Management, streamlined Business Process flows, and more. Revolutionize the employee experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources + Elevate HR.

Which Dynamics 365 HR Solution Works for You?

Elevate your people to the power of our Experience

Elevate HR offers three solution tiers. Establish your HCM strategy at Base Camp. Extend your capability at the South Col. As you grow and thrive as a business, let Dynamics 365 grow with you. Add the features your business demands. Attain the Summit.

Base Camp


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers an exceptional employee experience. We'll help you design and launch core HR operations in Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers an exceptional employee experience, and Elevate HR delivers the smoothest path for your HR digital transformation journey.  We’ll help you design and launch core HR operations & talent apps, so you can optimize the way you onboard, engage, motivate and retain your people.  You have people management requirements and strategies.  Let Elevate HR implement the best tool to deliver your HR vision.

South Col


Dynamics 365 Human Resources: elevated, integrated, global. Personalized solutions built on Microsoft's integrated connectors and apps.

Dynamics 365 HR, elevated. Facilitate configurable integrations with your service providers. Accommodate global processes with local utility and compliance for each country and business. Elevate HR guides you to the next level with personalized solutions built on Microsoft’s integrated connectors and apps.



Peak flexibility, power and performance. Lifecycle process automation built to scale, complex administration made simple.

When your business demands peak flexibility, power and strength, Elevate HR software products take you to the top. Lifecycle process automation built to scale, complex administration made simple and delightful with Elevate HR Wizards, Benefits, Corporate Applicant Portal and more for Dynamics 365.


elevateAD(r) White medium

Active Directory Automation for the complete Dynamics 365 suite!

  • Tighten enterprise security and mitigate risk of human error, protect GDPR, CCPA, and SOX compliance
  • Auto-create, sync, move, & disable AD accounts directly from Dynamics
  • Manage all Global Address Book records: Customers, Vendors, Workers, Applicants
  • Auto-Assign all Microsoft licenses

With elevateAD, organizations manage Active Directory (AD) as an automatic extension of business process. Users configure policy- and date-driven parameters so anytime you enter a contact, onboard a vendor, or hire an employee, elevateAD triggers the creation and activation of each corresponding AD user account, and automatically assigns licenses, security groups in AD and security roles in Dynamics by policy/position. Seamless bidirectional synchronization between D365 and AD provides your company’s employees, customers, or vendors the access they need, when they need it, without delay or manual intervention. Terminate an employee or end a contract, and elevateAD automatically deactivates AD user accounts and cancels access to all systems. AD Integration respects AD account security options, including Kerberos DES encryption types, smart card interactive logins, and sensitive accounts. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 elevateHR® 

Elevate HR offers fully configurable, enterprise-strength Human Capital Management within your ERP. Elevate HR Solutions for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations manage the full employee lifecycle so you can respond to opportunities and challenges the moment they arise. From configurable lifecycle processes to online benefits with open enrollment and life events, extensible payroll and benefit vendor integrations to an Applicant Portal that sits on your corporate site, Elevate HR turns your Dynamics ERP into a full-featured HCM platform for your business.


elevatePAY™ for U.S. Payroll

Built in Microsoft Azure, embedded in Dynamics 365 for HR & Payroll altogether in the same cloud, same place. Tax calculations support U.S. Federal, State and Local for all 11,000 taxing jurisdictions for all 50 states and Puerto Rico, including Certified Payroll Support, Unlimited Payroll Runs, Job Costing, Employee and Vendor Payments, Digital pay stubs with unlimited access, Garnishments, multiple earning types, pay rates, schedules, and more.


Whichever Solution You Choose, What Features Should You Expect?


Organization & Position Management

Model unlimited organizational structures (hierarchical, matrix, dotted-line, etc.) to plan for every contingency and withstand employee churn.


Talent Acquisition & Onboarding (elevateATSTM)

Identify and attract top talent from multiple sources, manage applicant communication and scheduling from within your HR system, and seamlessly transfer applicant records to employee records without double data entry.


Manager Employee Self-Services

Grant managers & employees access to a personalized dashboard from any internet-enabled device, where they can view and update their personal information, select and enroll in benefits, view payroll information, attach expense reports and receipts, enroll in courses, etc.


Lifecycle Management

Empower HCM users to design and implement lifecycle processes that work for them. Track the progress of each flow so you always know where things stand.



Offer an online benefit enrollment experience as simple and intuitive as online shopping. Open enrollment and real-time Life Events processing, recall and service bridging, configurable Flex Benefit plan management, extensive eligibility setups, Benefit Rate calculation (including nested tiers) and deduction processing.



Control payment and awards via compensation levels (bands, grades, or steps), ranges, eligibility, action type, currency, etc. Run cyclical or off-cycle processes with optional pay-for-performance features that weigh company and individual performance, company budgets, position in range, etc.


Active Directory Integration (elevateAD)

Automate creation, synchronization, and disabling of AD accounts based on employee transactions.


Payroll with elevatePAYTM (U.S.)

Calculate Gross-to-Net, manage statutory deductions and tax rate updates. Options available to run Payroll in-house or to outsource Tax Filing, Garnishments, W2 Processing, etc.


No-Code Connector for Multi-Directional Integration (elevateXTM)

Integrate with any 3rd party Global Benefits provider, regional Payroll system, background check or other service through configurable mapping tools. Eliminate duplicate data entry and resulting data audits. 


Performance & Learning Management

Evaluate employee performance, conduct self-assessments, and assign individual and team goals. Tie performance and disciplinary events to financial impact and succession planning. Author and administer courses and quizzes. Deploy and create Learning Pathways will access to online training courses and programs.


Business Intelligence

Transform raw data into actionable insight. Surface metrics in an array of visual models and graphs.


Time & Accruals

Configure accrual plans, check balances, and manage requests with ease. Input time-stamped entries for clock-in, clock-out events. Integrated Time Collection (Proximity, Pin Entry, Biometric, thermal sensor and Mobile Clock App).

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