Elevate HR delivers the richest integrated HCM solutions available for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations platform. Our Roadmap is informed by our customers, refined by our consultants and designers, and ultimately brought to you by our world-class team of software developers. We continue to build our products on the foundation laid in our implementation engagements, to ensure our solutions are road-tested in the real world. We offer you pure configuration—no customization required!

Elevate HR Solutions for AX Roadmap

Our development priorities are for Dynamics 365 for Operations.  Elements of Advanced Compensation and Performance Management are already in release and available today. The following bonus features are planned:

Compensation for Managers

  • Introduce unprecedented automation to the annual compensation cycle
  • Create the rules – simple or complex – that define compensation budgets
  • Lay out guidelines, roll up recommendations, aggregate proposals at appropriate organizational levels, cascade decisions, automatically load results.
  • Navigate online through a Modern UI, presenting summary pages and detailed drill-down options
  • Utilize unlimited market and survey reference points and advanced historical compensation management (toolkits, grids, comp-ratio, range utilization, and non-cash valuation)

Performance Management

We anticipate that a number of Performance Management features will be delivered by Microsoft over the next couple of releases.  Our approach will be to incorporate those features into our HCM Process Wizards™, as we have with other core Microsoft HCM features.  This will give us the ability to:

  • Provide HR users with total design control over their performance management processes
  • Configure roles for Employees, Managers, Peers, Teammates, and HR
  • Create a “plug-and-play” performance plan from a menu of options that include: goals, skills and competencies, workplace events and awards, career plans, 9-box grids, social feedback, and more
  • Link to Pay for Performance for merit and incentive pay
  • Configure for multi-rater plans as need

Additional products are on the horizon for 2017, beyond those listed above. We will keep this page updated as products move closer to release, so please check back often. And please feel free to Contact Us for more information and to offer us feedback.

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