HCM Effectiveness

Elevate HR® HCM Effectiveness includes HCM Process Wizards™ and Checklists, HCM Approvals, Employee and Manager Self-Service, and Compliance Reports.  The module installs within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations, or within Dynamics AX, for a complete HCM solution set.

Elevate HR Solutions for HCM EffectivenessHCM Process Wizards deliver all of the required Human Capital Management activity for Dynamics 365 for Operations, including effective date correlations, historical record insertions, interrelationships between records, position vacancies and automated approval processes. Hire, Transfer, Update or Terminate can be pended as a single transaction, approved as such, and then automatically written to the database.  Mass transaction features allow you to hire, transfer, or separate five or five thousand records at a time—perfect for seasonal workforce transactions. Field level control gives you full process design and deployment capability, allowing you to craft discrete actions and deliver them through Elevate HR Manager Self-Service.
HCM Approvals and Notifications puts the power of designing and implementing approval processes into the hands of HCM users. Automate onboarding checklists, for example, so that new hire notifications are sent simultaneously to the IT, Medical, and  Security Department to ensure that badges, computer IDs and physical examinations are scheduled. Track the progress of each flow so you always know where things stand. HCM Approvals ensures that no step is missed.
Compliance Reporting is a natural outcome of proper HCM administration activities: configure Compliance Reporting once, then perform day-to-day HCM administration over the reporting period, and run reports such as OSHA, VETS, and EEO. 


  • Unlimited Process Wizards for Hire, Update, Move, and Terminate enable many different configurations, now with powerful field level control for complete flexibility
  • Mass transaction features enable you to process groups of transactions, each one integrated with the full HCM feature set described here (such as approvals and notifications)
  • Manager Self Service (MSS) delivers this full configuration power to Managers in Dynamics 365 for Operations (or via Enterprise Portal for Dynamics AX), as designed and established by HR (see Manager Self-Service page for more information
  • Configurable parameters enable Process Wizards to follow unique process steps, to automate position-based approval flow, to launch different Process Checklists, and to display tailored language and hover text
  • Interruptible Process Wizards can be stopped and saved for later completion, pending all data until an entire Wizard is finished—dramatically improving transaction integrity
  • User-defined Checklists help users to complete miscellaneous, required transactions
  • HR users can create and configure Approval Flows without involving programmers or other technical staff
  • Position-based approval rules maintain process integrity irrespective of employee movement within, into, and out of the organization


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