Discipline & Commendation

Elevate HR® Discipline and Commendation module allows the user to manage disciplinary events within Dynamics 365 for Operations to stay current, compliant, and informed. Tie disciplinary events to financial impact to facilitate Sarbanes-Oxley reporting for management-level employees. Elevate HR Solutions for AX Discipline and CommendationIn addition to tracking the “bad,” record the “good” through the Employee Commendation form. Track both positive and negative events year-round to ensure that managers have all the information they need about their employees during the performance evaluation process. Keep your employee disciplinary and awards programs on track! Both Discipline and Commendation notices contribute to the Performance management cycle. Skills and competencies set the baseline. Goals set the agenda for the coming year. Discipline and Commendation events occur over the course of the year, so they can be considered for the final rating. All elements fit within the Elevate HR® Solutions for Dynamics 365 structure.


  • Disciplinary incidents include types of misconduct, dates, disciplinary meeting or hearing events, outcomes and resolution
  • Data capture for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for incidents that have financial impact on the company
  • Option to enable discipline point systems
  • Reasons for commendation, award tracking, and key event date recording

Download the Discipline and Commendation Fact Sheet.
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