Benefits Administration

Elevate HR® Benefits Administration module facilitates the management of employee benefits through our comprehensive, rules-driven module for Dynamics 365 for Operations that provides Automated Open Enrollment and Life Events processing (either through employee self-service or by HR administrators), configurable Flex Benefit plan management, extensive eligibility setups, complete Benefit Rate calculation including tiers and nested tiers, and Payroll Deduction processing. Elevate HR Solutions for AX Benefits AdministrationRules for administering benefits are attached to the plans to control eligibility, coverage options, benefit rates, benefit plan status, processing methods, and other plan features. Eligibility rules establish the set of benefits in which an employee can enroll. Dependents or Beneficiaries are attached and enrolled in plans for which they are eligible. Benefit Programs can simplify eligibility configuration, and plans can be bundled for single-selection grouping of plans. The module includes Annual Enrollment for employee selection of benefit plans from their eligible options, Payroll Deduction mapping, and Payroll File generation processes.


  • Open Enrollment, Life Events, Dependent and Beneficiary processing provided to employees through self-service
  • Benefit plan design includes processing rules, coverage options, eligibility rules, coverage and deduction waiting periods, and tracking of benefit providers and plan administrators
  • Detailed Benefit Rate rules and calculation engine cover employee, employer, administrator, smoker/non-smoker, and age-based, salary-based, or employee- type-based rate tiers
  • Coverage calculation includes Dependent coverage options, life insurance and disability salary multiples
  • Benefit credits offered from general amounts to employee/plan specific calculations
  • Plan eligibility rules include criteria such as organization, employee type, location, state, zip code, job function, and five user-defined fields
  • Benefit Groups ease eligibility definition and processing, while Benefit Bundles allow for grouping of interrelated plan types
  • Grandfathering of eligibility enables continuation of legacy plans and plan enrollment
  • Deduction processing for Payroll

Download the Benefits Administration Fact Sheet.
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