​Applicant Portal

Connect hiring managers, talent acquisition specialists, and prospective employees through our Applicant Portal.  Find the right applicants, and help them find you!  Applicant Portal integrates with Elevate HR’s HCM Effectiveness foundation to harness the power of our unique Process Wizards, enabling you to craft recruiting processes to fit your specific business needs.  Elevate HR Solutions for AX Applicant PortalYou define the roles, the processes, and the individual activities—from broad categories of tasks right down to individual fields.

The manager initiates a requisition to create a new position or to fill a vacant one.  Workflow routes the requisition for appropriate approvals, which automatically creates the position, posts the job to your online applicant site, and launches the rest of the recruiting process.  As an alternate strategy, you can integrate third-party job boards directly with Elevate HR’s Applicant Portal and pick up the process from there. Either way, you control what is required of applicants, and how candidate selection proceeds. Applicants themselves complete all elements of their application online, and interact directly with recruiters via the Portal. Finally, our HCM Effectiveness tool automates the onboarding process—hire a single employee or hire a thousand, all with a simple click of your mouse!


  • Provide Applicants with mobile options through our Responsive User Interface
  • Enable Applicants to shop for jobs within your organization, and to apply for those positions that best fit their skillsets
  • Integrate with third party products to get the best of both worlds: source talent through existing and proven candidate channels and still automate onboarding processes within Dynamics 365 for Operations
  • Communicate and interact directly with applicants, guiding them through the application and interview process
  • Offer jobs to applicants and roll them seamlessly into the onboarding cycle using HCM Effectiveness Wizards, Checklists, and Approval Flow

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